shirt designs

A couple t-shirt designs I made for the Society of Illustrators at Winthrop University. They were pretty fun, and simple since they are only 1 color process.


This was a sketch I did a couple months ago. I was trying to get used to my Wacom, so I was just messing around.


Well, I don't really do fanart, but I was in one of those moods, and Rock Lee is the shit! Just a random sketch that I scanned and threw some color in photoshop. Still trying to get my digital skills better.


Life Series

Hey everybody. So this is my first post, and I will try to post regularly and keep them in order. Anyway, this was a 3-part series on the stages of life,Something I did for my digital illustration class. We had to approach this as if it was going in an AARP magazine, so the large image is an openning splash, and the other 2 images are spot illustrations. Originally done in pencil in my sketchbook, and then colored in photoshop. Hope you guys like it!