Some quick facial sketches of some characters I did for a possible client.



"Scene" is a comic that I created for my senior thesis project coming out of Winthrop University.  It will chronicle the lives of fictitious characters that associate in this subculture.  I love the scene.  I am very intrigued by the music, the people, and the lifestyle (Of course, this could be because I also fall into this subculture).  My objective was to bring this subculture to light, and I am happy with the result.  I wanted to point out some of the stereotypes of scene kids in a humorous, rather than offensive way.  These are some sample pages from the first issue.  I've included the inked and finished pages.  If anyone would like a copy, you can get them at lulu.com.  Just look up Scene, and you should see the cover come up.  Hope you all enjoy!


The Grasping

This was another fun piece I did for an exhibition that was put up by Winthrop's Friday Art's Project.  The theme was life from death, and this was the image that came to me while I was working.

Soviet Poster

This image stemmed from a figure drawing session I had attended.  The model was placed in a sort of revolutionary stance, so I created a high contrast stencil of the intial drawing and painted it in gouache.  From here I took it digital and turned it into a graffiti/soviet propaganda poster.
The objective here was to illustrate the pallete of an artist of my choice using their style and colors that would be found on their personal pallete.  I chose Audrey Kawasaki because her work is beautiful.  
Sometimes, I feel like just doing stuff for fun, without having any project specs attached to it.  This was one of those pieces.  I'm sure if you think hard enough, you can get the innuendo within this image.
This piece made me realize how much I enjoy series work.  I decided to illustrate the concept of "beergoggles" through a series of sequential images.  As the viewer moves through the different stages of intoxication, the colors become more exaggerated, and the female appears much more attractive.

This was one of those projects that was just pure heaven to work on.  I had a great time putting it together, and I am still pleased with the result months later.  I took the abstract concept of hardcore music and turned it into a set of 2 20x20 posters.  The two posters had to work individually, but they also had to fit together to make one cohesive piece.

Here are some page layouts I did in my graphic design class.  We were instructed to create page layouts for an article on nuclear energy that would appear in GQ magazine.  This meant that I had to use the exact page specs, typefaces, and footers as GQ.  I chose to use the renaissance as my inspiration because it was a time of science, art, and knowledge.  I decided to make my layouts mimic the sketchbook of a renaissance artist.

Commissions I completed in 2007.  The first was done for Mrs. Robin King.  It's a portrait of her grandmother done in colored pencil.  The second is a painting of Mr. Bob Gorman's dog, Pippy.
A figure drawing from 2006.  

These are some screen prints that I did back in 2006.  The first one is titled "Boomshakalaka", and basically depicts how I feel when I'm confronted with new technology.  The second one is "Robo Self-Portrait", which is exactly what it is.
Ok, so I finally graduated college a few weeks ago, and it has just now hit me.  I started thinking about it last week, and realized that now I HAVE to be a real adult.  I've gotta find a good job, get some insurance, and make sure I've got enough money to provide a decent place to live for my fiancee and me.  So I figure that it is only proper to follow up this groundbreaking post with the work from my senior portfolio.  I am sorry about being so slack in posting up my work and blogs.  I'm horrible with keeping up with stuff like this but, starting now, I'm going to get better because this blog will hopefully bring some job opportunities my way.