Hero Prints

So this has been a LONG time coming, but as usual, I've been slack about updating this blog. I know I still have to show you stuff from SPX. I'm just waiting for Steven to email me the photos of sketches and commissions I did that weekend. To hold you over (like there's anybody else checking this blog besides me), I'm uploading some stuff from the Heroes convention that I meant to do a ways back. These are 3 prints I made for Heroes. I still have between 10 and 13 of each print left, so if anyone wants one, you can contact me through my email, or comment on this post. The prints are $15 plus shipping. The prints are 11x17 printed on a semi-gloss stock.

I actually really enjoyed looking at these once they were finished. My personal favorite is the Wolverine vs. Manji print. Hope you guys enjoy.



Just got home from SPX. It was a blast. Really tired now, so I'll post sketches at a more reasonable hour. G'night.



Oh man, I'm so excited. I'll be heading to SPX with 803 studios tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect, but I can't wait to expand my indy knowledge. I've been checking out the roster, and while I don't know a vast majority of the people attending, I've been checking all of the web pages available, and let me tell ya--I've made a list of must see creators. I figure that this will be nothing like Heroes Con, which kinda makes me nervous. I actually got a little attention at Heroes this year (by the way, I will post sketches and prints I did for that con even though it was months ago. sorry). I'm always very conscious of my style and how inconsistent I feel it is. I feel like I float somewhere in the void between a mainstream artist and indy artist. Because of this, I'm not sure how people will view my stuff at SPX (or if they'll even view it really).

In other news, sorry for the extremely sporadic posting. I'm like the world's biggest promise breaker. I will be uploading sketches and what not I've been doing over the last few months. Just bear with me, I'm still getting back in the groove of things.



So last year, I decided to throw together a 5 page sequential to show how I handle storytelling in different situations. Editors want to see how you handle slow scenes, background, action, etc. By no means does it compare to any of the people that I look up to, and I'm actually slightly embarrassed to show it, but this is an art blog and I want to show off everything from the crappy to the slightly less crappy. The thing I was impressed with is the fact that I inked all 5 pages in one night. Even the drawing style was different for me, but I was just experimenting and trying to have fun. Note to self: NEVER pull an all-nighter when you work a full-time job doing graphic design. My brain was absolute mush.

There's no words here, but it's a basic story that anybody can follow (or at least I REALLY hope so). Take a guess at what video game I had been playing a few days prior to drawing the monster.


Oy.....Stinkfist Colors

So....yea...I know I said I'd be getting back to posting regularly, and I guess I really screwed the pooch on that one, huh? Well, here is an onslaught of colors for the Stinkfist inks I posted a while back. I was having some fun experimenting with abstract color and different techniques of digital color. Now that I have a better grasp of it, the actual comic will have a more subdued pallet. Some pages work, but there's just a ton of stuff I've learned since I did this that will make the book look that much better when we start pumping 'em out.

In other news, I'm really going to try and start posting my sketches and process stuff. As much as it pains me to look at the random doodles in my sketchbook, I think it'll help me keep track of my progress as an artist as well as give you insight into what's going on in this oddly-shaped head of mine. I'll may even find sketches from old books and put 'em up if I can stand to look at them long enough. Anyways...hope you guys enjoy the pages.


Old Digital Quickies

Here's a couple of digital sketches I did a while back at work during the slow time at work. Sometimes I'll bust out the digital sketches during lunch or on breaks and things. I haven't done it in a while just because I've been working on my handskills and brushwork, but I do enjoy the really quick (5 min. if that), spontaneous digital sketches.


Stinkfist Inks

Ok, so as mentioned in the previous post, I met this writer dude at Heros Con in Charlotte, NC 2 years ago who had this comic he was working on and (for some odd reason) saw enough potential and style in me to ask if I wanted in. It's a very socio-political book that deals with what issues of the corporate elite completely taking control over the major metropolitan work force. It also has zombies in it (guess what made me jump onto it). Here are some of the inked scans of the ashcan we did for the book. Several things have changed since this was put out, including the look of the zombies, the style of art, and general plot stuff. You'll see these visual changes as I update with more recent sketches for the book. I'll also be putting up a few of the colored pages. I can tell you that the color will be less abstract than it is in the ashcan, but I was experimenting with some techniques and color combos. Some were pretty successful, but there's always room for improvement.

And Here We....GO!

Welp, as promised, here is the 1st of the many thing I need to upload to this supposed art blot. These are some character concept sketches for a "Stinkfist", which is a book I'm working on with Steven Prouse of 803 Studios. OH YEA! I forgot. In the 2 years since updating this thing, I've become a part of an indy comic studio in Columbia. We don't have a space to work or anything like that. We just meet, got to shows together, do books together, and try to use our different skill sets to get each out and published. Steven found me at Heros Con '08. I had just graduated and was peddling my portfolio around. He said my style would work for this book he was doing. The premise grabbed my interest immediately.

Anyways.....yea, here are quick character sketches for that book. I hate that I have to post these (and most of the other stuff I'll be putting up) because my skill and style have changed significantly since these were done. But, I do like process, so I want to show my evolution from complete crappy artist to slightly lest crappy artist. Enjoy.

Guess Who's Back.....

Oh man...so it's been like 2 years since I posted something. For ANYBODY who has actually looked me up on this blog, I am really sorry for the lack of updates. I lost access to this blog and tried to start another, but then I didn't want to try and switch URLs...yea, it was a whole big thing. Anyways, I just got back into the account a little while ago, so there will be a massive upload in the coming days of things I've been working on since I last posted. More comic work, freelance stuff, personal work. And, I'm gonna try and make myself post up a sketch page a day. This will keep me on my toes, and just help fill out the blog. Hopefully I won't fall behind, but knowing me...it's inevitable.