Oy.....Stinkfist Colors

So....yea...I know I said I'd be getting back to posting regularly, and I guess I really screwed the pooch on that one, huh? Well, here is an onslaught of colors for the Stinkfist inks I posted a while back. I was having some fun experimenting with abstract color and different techniques of digital color. Now that I have a better grasp of it, the actual comic will have a more subdued pallet. Some pages work, but there's just a ton of stuff I've learned since I did this that will make the book look that much better when we start pumping 'em out.

In other news, I'm really going to try and start posting my sketches and process stuff. As much as it pains me to look at the random doodles in my sketchbook, I think it'll help me keep track of my progress as an artist as well as give you insight into what's going on in this oddly-shaped head of mine. I'll may even find sketches from old books and put 'em up if I can stand to look at them long enough. Anyways...hope you guys enjoy the pages.