A Tale of 2 Captains

Hello people.  Here is the finished version of the sketch I posted last week.  I'll try and put up the inked version tomorrow.  This is the illustration I did as part of a few limited edition posters for Cola Con.  I don't get to design the entire poster. It's a different coloring style for me, but I kinda dig it.  ISAIAH BRADLEY FOR THE WIN!!!


On the Slate...

For those who haven't heard, Columbia, SC will be hosting a pretty cool convention this year called Cola Con (what else would it be called?).  It's only a one day event, but there's going to be a great culture smash of hip-hop and comics.  We'll even have Tailib Kweli performing!  It's going to be rad.  Anyways, I'm doing one of a set of poster illustrations done by by several artists, including Sanford Greene and Jim friggin Mahfood!  We're all doing Captain America drawings.  While I'm sure mine wont' be nearly as good as the other guys throwing in, here's a work in progress of my contribution.


Construction will Begin Soon

Sorry for the recent lack of updates.  This blog is about to undergo some pretty major construction.  I want this thing to be a bit more streamlined and functional than it is currently, so I'm messing around with the layout a bit.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  In the meantime, please enjoy this quickie digital doodle.  I have LOTS sketch pages that will be coming soon.  I promise.


Red Headed Step Child.

Whoops.  Blog's been a bit neglected the last few weeks, hasn't it?  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I promise I'll have some sketches up this weekend.  Life has been kicking my ass...


Heroes Dump

Well...it's been 24 hours since Heroes Con ended.  It was a bit slow this year, but it's still a fun show, and I really enjoyed all of the people I met.  I got to meet art heroes of mine like Kristian Donaldson, Toby Cypress, Declan Shalvey, and Becky Cloonan.  They were very nice, and of course, their art was just sick. Special thanks to Declan for portfolio critique.  He was very generous with his time and advice, and very encouraging.  It was also amazing talking to Toby.  Very nice guy.  I hope to do it again soon.  Devin of the Dollar Bin Podcast (which you should totally be listening to) was super fun to hang with.  Drunken anime conversations have never been so cool.  Also, a special shout out to Kim and Tony.  Unfortunately, I didn't get you guys' last names, but you were very fun to hang with, and I definitely feel like I made new friends.  And now on to the show.....

Here's a couple shots from the Batman villains jam piece the studio and I did for the guys over at the Dollar Bin Show.  I was the Mister Freeze on top.

And the only 2 sketches I was commissioned the entire show.  Still, these are great guys, and man do they ask for some fun sketches.  I mean come on!  How often do you get to draw Typing of the Dead!?  Ill be getting decent scans of these later, so I'll post 'em then.

And here is the piece I did for this year's art auction.  I've never actually participated, so I was pretty nervous about it.  It didn't get into the big auction, but someone did buy it in the silent auction, so it's pretty cool.  The money goes to toward covering the incredible cost of running the convention.

Welp!  That's it for now.  Hope you guys enjoyed this...well, whatever this is.

Banner Fail

So....Due to an unfortunate shipping error made by the printing company, our banners didn't arrive until today....the day after Heroes Con...it's like the world just wants to laugh at me.  At least the quality on mine came out pretty decent.  Gotta say I'm happy with the end result, even though it was late.  So this is what you should be on the lookout for at future cons (minus the weird looking black kid and the super ghetto chairs and door mat in the background).


Heroes Con 2011

Hey guys!  I'll be at Heroes Con again this year.  I've been too dumb to announce it on my blog in the past, so this year I'm going to do it differently.  I'll be doing sketches and commissions, and I'll also have 11x17 prints for sale, so please feel free to swing by and say Hi!  I won't bite....I promise....well...unless you're a rogue cheeseburger.

Unfortunately, the banners that I and the rest of 803 Studios made won't be present at this years Heroes Con.  There was an mistake that happened between the printer and UPS, so all of our banners are late.  It'sucks, I know, but AM still posting what the finished product will be because I think it looks really cool.  I can't wait till we do get these things.  *NOTE* - There isn't actually a white border around this.  I had to add one and give the image a black stroke so you guys could see what the actual thing would look like.


More Banner!

Here's the inks and colors the pencils for that banner I posted last week....

.....And here's the colors....

  If you notice that there's more debris on the bottom, it's because I had to add some in later to make sure that the image was up hight enough for people to see when I'm sitting in front of it.  I'll have this image available as an 11 x 17 print at Heroes Con this weekend, so please feel free to pick on up!


Banner Pencils

These are the pencils for an image that will become my new Convention banner.  YAY!!!  I'll post up the inks and colors later.

Late Comic Book Day

Yea, this is going up WAY after the fact, but here's a quick sketch I did for a kid who's whole family skateboard for recreation.  I used to skate myself, but now I'm to old/scared/out of shape to attempt to get back on the board.  For some reason I didn't shoot anything else I drew that day.  I do enjoy the energy on this.  Look forward to more extremely late sketches in the future.



Here's a warm-up sketch of Eve Bailey from Stinkfist.  Eventually, we'll actually do the full run of that book, but I just keep getting distracted with other projects.  This one was actually from a few days ago, but I kept forgetting to post it. G'night.



Here's some rough pencil sketches for Punk Girls in Space.  Not much here.  Just some designs, but I kinda like 'em, so I figured I'd show them.  Look for more soon.  I'm hoping to have some prints along this same theme at Heroes Con this year.  Later!


More Retro Space Punk Girls

So here's a much better image of the commission I did for Eric at Hickory Con this past weekend.  Thanks for providing a great scan!  This image was done with a brush pen as well as grey, pink, and green markers.

On another note: I seem to be really terrible at updating this blog, which really isn't helping get eyes on my work.  I keep saying I'll do it, but then I don't.  I don't know what's wrong with me?  All I can say is that I'll try to do better....though it's been said before......

I'll also be getting a Twitter account at long last.  I've resisted this FOREVER thinking it was just a dumb fad, but here we are years later and it's one of the best networking tools out there.  I will be linking it to the blog, so you will be able to see updates done to the blog through Twitter, and soon Facebook.

More sketches of Punk Girls in Space to come....


Hickory Con Commission

Commission done for Eric at Hickory Con this weekend.  It spawned an amazing idea for a new comic.  PUNK GIRLS IN SPAAAAACE!!