Throwin' Paint!

Oh Man!  This was really interesting to try and color.  I've never tried to color on a piece that I ink washed.  I like it, but man did it get away from me for a bit.  Still think I could simplify the color style down, but I'm happy with this result.


New Stuff

Here is a page for something that I'm doing with somebody.  Sorry to be so cryptic, but I dunno if he'd want me spilling the beans.  I DO know that he is challenging me to expand this new style I'm trying, and I like it.  Can't wait to get into the color on this.


Calabretta Print

Welp, the Kickstarter is over and my boys at Frank Comics completely surpassed their goal.  Anybody who ordered a copy of Princess Calabretta is going to be more than satisfied with the work.  Here is the finished version of the print I made to accompany the physical books.


Making Baby 4

Well, not really 4.  I've been pretty bad about actually putting up all of the installments, so this comes waaaay out of order.  Many events led up to this, but this one was too important to put off in favor of continuity.  Finding out that I was having a daughter was terrifying at first.  The thought of having to deal with a girl 15 years down the line that's as beautiful as her mother made me want to head for the hills and be the only man she'd ever have in her life.  I can honestly say now that I'm filled with a joy, pride, and hope that I've never had before, and she's not even here yet.  Still....hopefully I can provide that Y chromosome the 2nd time around...


Princess Calabretta Kickstarter

Hey everybody.  My buddies have more than funded their comic on Kickstarter, so now they've addes stretch goals!  One of them includes a limited edition print done by me. Help them out and go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frankcomics/princess-calabretta-a-princess-fairy-tale-with-mma to learn more about the project.  It's awesome, and I know that all my friends like awesome.  The image above is a peek at the unfinished print.



Just playing around with an ink sketch I threw together.  I've been toying with the idea of digitally coloring my ink wash stuff.  This is not completely successful, but a good exercise, and now I know where I'm going with it...


Making Baby 3

And here's another Making Baby!  This one comes way too long after the actual event, but this was the most surreal moment of my entire life.  Even more so than Whitney telling me we were expecting.  Seeing that little amorphous blob in her stomach was the first time that this felt real to me.  "I'm having a baby!" was all I was able to think.


Making Baby 2!

Hey everybody.  I waited much too long to post up this new strip based on my wife's pregnancy.  I've decided (with her permission of course), to document this entire process using comics as the medium.  I think it would be really fun, and it'll be nice to give my future child a complex when they see what they did to us for 9 months.  I'll hopefully be posting these things on a somewhat regular basis.  If anything funny, or just real happens, I'll draw it.  They won't all be laugh riots, but It'll be nice to put them out there.  Hope that you enjoy!


Here it Comes...

Welp!  I'm finally able to announce some exciting news, and I could think of no better way than to do it using the medium I love the most....


Banner Illustration

I know this is technically a repost, but I never showed what this illustration looked like prior to all the cropping and arrangement on the studio banner template.  These are characters that I plan on using in a story one day.  Hope you enjoy!


Character Design: Doc Wayne

This was a freelance gig that went on and off for about 2 years.  The client wanted me to take an old character they had and update him so he looked more modern and appealed to kids more.  This character would then be used in an ad campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle in children.  While the Doctor went through MANY different changes and iterations, here are some of the main ones .


Till Death

Pic of a Zombie wedding portrait I did for 2 friends of mine.  I'll try to get a better shot of the whole thing framed.


....Still Under Construction.

For those who may not have noticed, the blog has been undergoing some changes for a while.  I'm trying to keep the blog format, but make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as a more functional portfolio site.  It's going slow because I'm having to find  and reformat older work, but hopefully soon it will be a much better presentation of my work.