Heroes Con 2011

Hey guys!  I'll be at Heroes Con again this year.  I've been too dumb to announce it on my blog in the past, so this year I'm going to do it differently.  I'll be doing sketches and commissions, and I'll also have 11x17 prints for sale, so please feel free to swing by and say Hi!  I won't bite....I promise....well...unless you're a rogue cheeseburger.

Unfortunately, the banners that I and the rest of 803 Studios made won't be present at this years Heroes Con.  There was an mistake that happened between the printer and UPS, so all of our banners are late.  It'sucks, I know, but AM still posting what the finished product will be because I think it looks really cool.  I can't wait till we do get these things.  *NOTE* - There isn't actually a white border around this.  I had to add one and give the image a black stroke so you guys could see what the actual thing would look like.

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