Hero Prints

So this has been a LONG time coming, but as usual, I've been slack about updating this blog. I know I still have to show you stuff from SPX. I'm just waiting for Steven to email me the photos of sketches and commissions I did that weekend. To hold you over (like there's anybody else checking this blog besides me), I'm uploading some stuff from the Heroes convention that I meant to do a ways back. These are 3 prints I made for Heroes. I still have between 10 and 13 of each print left, so if anyone wants one, you can contact me through my email, or comment on this post. The prints are $15 plus shipping. The prints are 11x17 printed on a semi-gloss stock.

I actually really enjoyed looking at these once they were finished. My personal favorite is the Wolverine vs. Manji print. Hope you guys enjoy.

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