Heroescon Commissions

Alright Guys.  Heroescon starts tomorrow, and I've got some spots open for commissions left.  I'll be doing things a little differently this year.  I will do black & white head/bust shots for $20.  These are fully inked with a little bit of toning on 9x12 bristol.  I may even throw in a spot color if it works for the piece.  Here are a few examples of my head/bust sketches done at FCBD


A full commission will start at $50.  These are also done on 9x12 bristol.  They will be fully inked and toned.  This includes very elaborate bust drawings and full body figure  with light background elements.  Here are a few examples:

I will also have 3 spots available for large commission pieces at the show.  These start at $100 and are fully inked and toned on 14x17 bristol.  They can have full figures, multiple figures, and some light backgrounds.  Again, these spots are very limited, so you'll need to let me know earlyYou can find me on the con floor at tables AA-46-47 to request a sketch, or you can email me at sudduthm2@gmail.com to get a solid spot in the line.  Can't wait for the show!

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