And Here We....GO!

Welp, as promised, here is the 1st of the many thing I need to upload to this supposed art blot. These are some character concept sketches for a "Stinkfist", which is a book I'm working on with Steven Prouse of 803 Studios. OH YEA! I forgot. In the 2 years since updating this thing, I've become a part of an indy comic studio in Columbia. We don't have a space to work or anything like that. We just meet, got to shows together, do books together, and try to use our different skill sets to get each out and published. Steven found me at Heros Con '08. I had just graduated and was peddling my portfolio around. He said my style would work for this book he was doing. The premise grabbed my interest immediately.

Anyways.....yea, here are quick character sketches for that book. I hate that I have to post these (and most of the other stuff I'll be putting up) because my skill and style have changed significantly since these were done. But, I do like process, so I want to show my evolution from complete crappy artist to slightly lest crappy artist. Enjoy.

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