Stinkfist Inks

Ok, so as mentioned in the previous post, I met this writer dude at Heros Con in Charlotte, NC 2 years ago who had this comic he was working on and (for some odd reason) saw enough potential and style in me to ask if I wanted in. It's a very socio-political book that deals with what issues of the corporate elite completely taking control over the major metropolitan work force. It also has zombies in it (guess what made me jump onto it). Here are some of the inked scans of the ashcan we did for the book. Several things have changed since this was put out, including the look of the zombies, the style of art, and general plot stuff. You'll see these visual changes as I update with more recent sketches for the book. I'll also be putting up a few of the colored pages. I can tell you that the color will be less abstract than it is in the ashcan, but I was experimenting with some techniques and color combos. Some were pretty successful, but there's always room for improvement.

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